Supported by our experience as business owners, executives, and investors, we assist entrepreneurs in creating strategic plans focused on either attracting new investors or defining the next step for their companies.

When we lead the fund-raising process, we connect our clients with strategic or financial investors, hand-picked from our selected, international network.

In the execution phase, we can further assist entrepreneurs with BPO services such as financial control and investor relations.


We help our clients implement the complete process of internationalization: from the analysis of strategic objectives, to feasibility studies, business planning and strategies to maximize benefits and minimize risks in the international expansion.

Our on-site services help the headquarters reduce entry costs into the new market, minimize the number of expats and maintain a tight control on overseas operations.

We helped companies expand from EU to LATAM, LATAM to China and EU to China, with strategic advisory and on-site operational support.

Financial Planning
and Controlling

Thanks to our tools and procedures, we help organizations achieve higher efficiency in the process of financial analysis, budgeting, cash flow forecasting and control, communication with accountants, operative and strategic controlling, periodic reporting.

As a result, top management will have precise, timely and insightful financial information to take assertive decisions.

Corporate Governance

We have practical and legal experience in defining functions and responsibilities of the bodies that govern an organization, such as Executives, Board of Directors and Shareholders' meetings.

We assist in the implementation of the agendas and guarantee the correct flow of information between these bodies and all stakeholders.

The implementation of these practices reduces internal conflicts and aligns the interests of shareholders and management.

Complementary Services

We can further assist our clients by connecting them with our long-term strategic partners in Tax & Legal services, Accounting services, HR services and Marketing services.

Advisory cases


Renewable energy

NB CAPITAL provides financial control services and corporate governance advisory to H2ENERGY, keeping tight control over financials and strong alignment between founders, investors and directors. NB CAPITAL successfully involved a strategic investor, enabling the company to scale its operations at an accelerated pace.

Movimoda International

Fashion supply chain

NB CAPITAL developed MOVIMODA’s entry strategy in South America, providing a comprehensive business plan based on local market knowledge, fiscal intelligence and know-how of cross-border operations. After incorporating the Brazilian and Paraguayan subsidiaries and obtaining visas for expat managers, NB CAPITAL continues to assist the client with financial control services and corporate governance advisory.


NB CAPITAL assisted an Italian family office through the entire process of investment in two real estate projects: ECO PRIME Business Park and MARAVILLE / GO MARAVILLE Residential Towers. Specifically, NB CAPITAL took care of all the processes related to registering foreign investors. After the project was realized, NB CAPITAL followed with financial control, periodic reporting and dividend distribution.

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