Our Strategy

With our investment division, we are building a portfolio of companies based in Brazil, focusing on few industries with large market inefficiencies or unmet customers’ demands. 

This portfolio includes startups – mainly from real estate,
financial, legal, educational and HR sectors – and SMBs with more traditional business models, in sectors such as real estate, renewable energy, food industry and supply chain management.  

We merge the Venture Capital approach with traditional investment practices, guided by the principles that led to success in our past business ventures.


Our philosophy

We look for founders with outstanding reputational equity, overachiever mentality, international mind-set and strong professional ethics.

We praise teams with complimentary capabilities, longterm orientation and focused on efficient execution.

We believe in strong support to the founders after the investment, especially in terms of strategic advisory, long-term planning and tools that ensure high efficiency in operations.

We always follow up our capital injection with strong business development efforts, in order to generate financing through clients’ acquisition and revenue growth.

We have a strong preference for entering at the early stage of a company, because that is the best moment to start building a longterm relationship with the founding team.

We believe in transparent and straightforward communication: be gentle with people and hard with problems.

Investment portfolio


Renewable Energy

Based in the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais, H2ENERGY provides photovoltaic systems for households and corporations, with more than 1MWp of installed capacity after only 1.5 years of activity. H2ENERGY focuses mostly on corporate, large-scale projects, with the goal of hitting the 5 MWp mark in 2019. NB CAPITAL is its first institutional investor.


Fashion supply chain

MOVIMODA LATAM is a joint venture between Latin American players and an Italian corporation of fashion supply chain management. Bringing revolutionary solutions to Brazilian fashion retailers and contributing with the ongoing reshuffling of textile districts in LATAM.



PLAY2SELL delivers corporate sales training via mobile app, with initial focus on the real estate industry. The app has strong components of gamification and storytelling, in order to ensure users’ constant engagement and differentiate from traditional forms of corporate sales training.



FOLHA CERTA offers a complete workforce management solution that is mobile first and simplifies compliance with Brazilian labor regulations, focusing specifically on: attendance control, leaves, permits, overtime, hours compensation, payroll, holidays, days off.

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