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NB CAPITAL Partners was founded in 2017, with headquarters in the greater São Paulo area in Brazil, by a group of entrepreneurs and executives with extensive international experience, in B2B industries in Brazil, Paraguay, China, Italy, and the USA

decades of experience in global supply chain led us to recognize the need to be less reliant on Asian manufacturing and create strong alternatives at our doorstep

  • our investments are based on a culture that combines the entrepreneurial spirit and business discipline

  • we bring together strategic partners to build a local integrated supply chain

  • we create and develop real-estate opportunities with synergies within our investments ecosystem to diversify and strengthen our portfolio

  • ​we concentrate on industries with significant market inefficiencies or unmet customers demands

  • we apply innovative business models to create sustainable competitive advantage in traditional industries


  • we commit financial resources to build solid businesses equipped for the long term


  • we look for partners with outstanding reputational equity, long-term orientation, international mindset, and strong professional ethics


  • we build teams with complementary capabilities, overachiever mentality, and focused on efficient execution

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