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We had the pleasure of receiving a visit from Mr. Diego Rios, mayor of Minga-Guazú, in Jundiaí and organizing some important meetings in the Municipality.

Minga-Guazú is a rapidly developing city in the district of Alto Paraná, Paraguay, 13 km from the border, a neighboring country considered an important partner for Brazil.

During the visit we were very well received by the Mayor of Jundiaí, Mr. Luiz Fernando Machado, and his team. The objective of the meeting, held at the municipal hall, was to learn more about the recognized good governance practices implemented over the years by the City Hall.

We were also able to visit and get to know personally the management of two important achievements of the current City Hall managers: “Jundiaí Empreendedora” and “Mundo das Crianças”. The first was created to support companies and the second is dedicated to children and uses an innovative educational approach.

The mission ended with a visit to the NB CAPITAL Partners office, where we had the opportunity to present our organization, the projects carried out over the last 17 years in the region and discuss the development of our existing and new projects in South America.

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