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We are pleased to announce the start of operations of Movimoda Latam, marking the beginning of our journey with the first quality control contract (in-line Inspection) in Brazil.

This achievement is the result of collaboration between Movimoda Italy and NB Capital, who joined forces to explore opportunities in Latin America by establishing Movimoda Latam. This alliance reflects our steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation in the textile industry.

After years of dedication and intense collaboration, our team has partnered with valuable associates to materialize this transformative vision. With our expertise in quality control, integrated logistics, and sourcing, we are ready to elevate the textile industry and fashion retail to higher levels of quality and efficiency.

Our pledge is to provide tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. Stay tuned for further updates on the project in Brazil and the new partnerships and opportunities that are on the horizon. We continue to shape a brighter future for fashion and the textile sector.

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